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3D Ultra Power IR Emitter

3D Ultra Power IR Emitter, фото 1
3D Ultra Power IR Emitter, фото 23D Ultra Power IR Emitter, фото 33D Ultra Power IR Emitter, фото 4
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3D Ultra Power IR Emitter
7 020 грн.
В наличии3D Ultra Power IR Emitter
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The powerful function IR emitter (model: KCE), designed with durable structure, is equipped with more
than100pcs IR transmitting tubes to strengthen its power . An IR emitter can cover a small or medium-
sized cinema accommodating 300 people. The new IR emitter is manufactured with plastic case. The newly added function of heat radiation and air ventilation greatly guarantees life of the IR transmitting tubes.
Fixed with the special security universal mount while install the emitter , will make the installation
much easier and the location will be exact through laser positioning.



Wavelength         940nm
Power                 10W
Working temperature 0C-40C
Size                 361mm*70mm*44mm

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  • Цена: 7 020 грн.